Afro Chic Kitenge Print Diaper Clutch closed
Afro Chic Kitenge Print Diaper Clutch Side View
Afro Chic Kitenge Print Diaper Clutch Open to Closed Animation

Afro Chic Diaper Clutch

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Gorgeous patterned kitenge fabric Diaper clutch - easy and convenient to use

The diaper clutch is the most convenient accessory will need. Once open - you have access to a built in pocket to store all the necessities, plus the long padded waterproof change mat. When you close it up, it is a simple, fashionable, convenient to carry clutch. 

In a mall without a family bathroom? Restaurant has no change table? At a friends place and need a place to change your little one? Whatever your situation, the diaper clutch is here to help. Whip our your convenient, handy dandy, all in one diaper change solution and be the diaper changing star!

Going out for a bit or adding it to your diaper bag, the diaper clutch is every parents sidekick.

Care for your Diaper Clutch

The padded waterproof change mat can be wiped down as and when needed. You can also wash your diaper clutch in the washing machine or by hand. Hang to dry